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Premium Halkidiki Flavors. Discover unique choices and taste the local products of Halkidiki.
With passion and love for the products of our land we have been producing olive oil, edible olives and honey since 1980. you will find a wide variety of products from Halkidiki.
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Who we are

Sitholia Premium Halkidiki Flavors was created for you who want to keep your memories of Greece and especially of Halkidiki alive and for you who want to experience genuine Greek flavors of unparalleled quality, both traditional and modern.

Many years of experience in the field of production and distribution of traditional products companied with our personal contact with visitors from all over the world led to the idea of creating an on line delicatessen. The aim is to offer fine products of our own production and other small producers directly from the rich Greek land to your home.

Extra virgin and virgin olive oil in a variety of packaging options.

Edible olives (black, vinegar, green, raisin, Kalamata type, crunchy, oregano)

Forest honey, flower honey and pine honey.

Jams with various fruits (plump, fig, apricot)



Homemade desserts


High quality products

Our mission is to continuously find and highlight the finest Greek products in order to share them with you.

Latest News

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