Cracked Heel Foot Cream with urea and organic beeswax 60ml Aeolis


A non-greasy, fine-textured reparative anti-dryness cream.

Particularly effective cream with organic extracts, for the repair of cracked skin on the legs and heels.

It is recommended for the repair of nails with very difficult, persistent and long-term cracks.

It is also applied to areas of the skin with high dryness, such as knees and elbows, but also to small calluses, calluses and calluses.

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Urea and salicylic acid have a strong keratolytic effect and immediately remove dead tissue.
Organic beeswax, organic olive leaves, organic shea butter and panthenol deeply hydrate, soften very dry skin and protect it from irritation.
Organic st.John’s Wort, organic thyme, organic sea buckthorn and organic aloe vera have healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, stimulate cell regeneration and instantly repair the skin.

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