An organic herbal mixture with Mountain Tea, Sage, Flamouri, Fliskouni (wild mint). Exclusive recipe with organic Holomonta herbs. A special tea that will travel you with its aroma and taste on the paths of Greek Nature. Holomonta Tea is a drink for everyday use suitable for the whole family.

It is also considered ideal for treating colds and persistent cough. Strengthens the immune system, relieves indigestion and stomach pain.

Net weight: 30gr


The Harvest of the herbs that compose the mixture takes place on Mount Holomont from 704m – 884m altitude.

The synthesis of the herbal mixture of HOLOMON organic herbs, starts from the month of June with the harvest of 3 herbs Mountain Tea, Sage and Flamur (Tilio), the process of collecting the herbal mixture is completed in the month of July – August with the harvest of the wild or Fliskouni.

The selection of herbs is based on the stage of their development. We always collect those parts of the plant that are suitable for the creation of products, but without inactivating its growth. The appropriate stems are harvested by hand and then dried in specially designed natural drying areas, without the use of environmental machinery.


Heat 200ml or 1 cup of water in a cooking utensil and when the boiling starts, add 2 teaspoons or 1.5 gr of Organic Mixture, then take it off the heat and leave it covered for about 10 minutes, strain it and serve. You can drink from 1 to 3 drinks a day.

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