PORCELAIN hand & body cream with pomegranate & hyaluronic acid for antioxidant protection & moisturization 50ml 111ELIES


Ultra moisturizing cream for hands and body delicously scented with a floral essential oil blend and the amazing properties of pommegranate and hyaluronic acid

Its compact size and convenient packaging allows you to always have it with you for immediate moisturization just when you need it. Its packaging is made from sugarcane, a PLASTIC FREE alternative to traditional skincare tubes.

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Apply a small portion onto body skin, hands, feet and massage untill absorbed. Enjoy your soft, moisturized skin!

A rich and luscious yet quickly absorbing cream formulated with:

Cold Pressed Pomegranate Oil: This Omega enriched fruit oil is a superb detox option for your skin. This natural cold pressed oil has many inherent benefits, full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids which is great for keeping you skin looking young, tight & subtle. Promotes cell regeneration which delivers you silky smooth, new skin.A compound unique to pomegranate oil called punicic acid can help to improve elasticity and even skin tone while encouraging skin regeneration.
Pomegranate Extract contains 20-25% tannins, vitamins, especially C and B-type and minerals. It also contains citric acid and sodium citrate, traditionally used for skin diseases. Due to its high tannin content, pomegranate was also recommended as an astringent and to support protection of the skin and hair against UV damage by free radicals
High quality vegetable oils and butters (Shea butter, Almond Oil, Coconut oil, Organic extra virgin olive oil, cocoa butter)
Organic Aloe vera Juice
Panthenol (pro vitamin B5)
Vitamin E
Hyaluronic Acid

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