Organic mixture with Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil. Basic herbs of Greek – Mediterranean cuisine. Ideal for meat (souvlaki, gyros, meatballs and grilled meats), fish and seafood, in salads (tomato, rustic, dako), baked potatoes or potato salad, legumes, sauces, pizza and grilled vegetables.

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The harvest of organic herbs that compose the mixture is done from Mount Holomontas and from the peninsula of Sithonia with an altitude of 110m – 1160m.

The synthesis of the botanical mixture HOLOMON organic herbs, starts from the month of May with the harvest of Rosemary and continues in June with the harvest of Vasilikos, while at the beginning of July in the peninsula of Sithonia the collection of Thyme takes place. At the peaks of Holomont, the process of collecting the botanical mixture is completed with the harvest of Oregano at the end of July. The selection of herbs is based on the stage of their development. Those parts of the plant that are suitable for the creation of products are always collected, but without inactivating its growth. The appropriate stems are harvested by hand and then dried in specially designed natural drying areas, without the use of environmental machinery.

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