This single variegated fresh olive oil is produced from green olives of Halkidiki. It has a bright green color and has excellent organoleptic characteristics.

It is an olive oil with low acidity, intense fruity taste, with aromas of freshly cut unripe olives and freshly cut grass, with a feeling of exotic fruits (banana) and a characteristic pleasant spicy aftertaste that differentiates it from other regions of Greece.

It is filtered only by simple precipitation and is not filtered in order to retain all its aromas, flavors and phenolic ingredients.

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The beneficial properties of olive oil are many.
It is a key element of the Mediterranean diet and is now considered, after extensive studies of the most basic healthy food products.

We suggest you consume it raw.
It is great as a starter in fresh hot bread or rusks and can replace butter at the beginning of a meal.
It accompanies your salads perfectly.


Characteristics that compose the identity of Sitholia’s extra virgin olive oil:

  • Produced from unripe olives of exceptional quality.
  • Pure natural olive oil without industrial processing.
  • Bright green color and relatively blurred appearance features that reveal high nutrient density and mild processing conditions.
  • Extremely low acidity.
  • No preservatives or impurities.
  • Cold pressed.
  • Natural sedimentation without artificial processes.
  • No filtering.

Olive oil has no preservatives.
Avoid exposure to sun, strong light, heat and store in a dark, dry place with a temperature of 10-18o.

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